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Who is coming this year?

Some of the top internationals playing in this year’s Classic:

Martin Castrogiovanni:  119 caps for Italy

Percy Montgomery:       102 caps for South Africa

Shane Williams:             87 Caps for Wales, three Lions tours and four caps

Andrew Hore:               83 caps for the All Black

Andrew Mehrtens:         70 caps for the All Blacks

Carlos Ignacio Lobbe:    65 caps for Argentina

George Shvelidze          62 caps for Georgia

Martin Scelzo:               59 caps for Argentina

Aaron Persico:               56 caps for Italy

Paul Emerick                 53 caps for the United States

Gonzalo Longo:             51 caps for Argentina    

Reuben Thorne:            50 caps for the All Blacks

Silvere Tian                  50 caps for the Ivory Coast

Ramiro Pez:                  40 caps for Italy

Chris Wyatt                   38 caps for Wales

Pablo Canavosio            38 caps for Italy

Eusebio Guinazu            36 caps for Argentina

Luca Borges                  32 caps for Argentina

Phil Mack                      31 caps for Canada

Andrew Suniula             38 caps for the United States

Ceri Sweeney                35 caps for Wales

Moss Timoteo                32 caps for the United States

Julio Farias Cabello         30 caps for Argentina

Deon Muir                      30 caps for the NZ Maoris

David Corkery                27 caps for Ireland

Sean White                    27 caps for Canada

Seilala Mapusua             26 caps for Samoa

Garth Cooke                  25 caps for Canada

Conrad Jantjies              24 caps for South Africa

Rick Flutey                     14 caps for England and one for the Lions

And part of the various management teams:

Willie John McBride        63 caps for Ireland, 17 for the Lions, including captain of the unbeaten 1974 Lions.

Allan Martin                   34 caps for Wales and one for the Lions

Robbie Kempson            37 caps for South Africa

Rafael Madero                41 caps for Argentina

Andy Haden                   41 caps for the All Blacks

Marcello Cuttitta             54 caps for Italy

Kyle Nichols                   25 caps for Canada

                Doug Brown                       25 caps for the United States

Bermuda Rugby Classic

The 2018 World Rugby Classic Bermuda will be held Nov 4th-10th 2018


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